For over 15 years Concrete Reflections has been working along side its valued partners to provide the client with the best possible outcome for whatever their project requires.

Concrete Reflections specializes in mid to large sized projects Canada-wide.

“We are always looking to improve our processes and capabilities so we can provide our customers with the most efficient & effective services possible”

That means we’re always on the hunt for the best and most reliable machines that will help us get the job done faster, without sacrificing the quality that our clients have come to expect from us. 

Concrete Reflections utilizes the best equipment, software, and personnel to get any project completed on time and on budget.


Specializing in concrete grinding, concrete polishing, densification, toppings, and epoxy coatings.

We have the expertise, equipment, and products to ensure that your concrete flooring looks and performs at its best.


How We Do It

In order to deliver quality service on time, we understand the need for communication. Our project lead will meet clients on site to define clear expectations regarding the scope of work, logistics, and project schedule.

We have a reputation for being reliable and efficient, so we take care of our most valuable assets – our clients. We want your business and your referrals and we will outperform our competition to get what we want.


What we believe in

At the end of every day, corporate culture comes down to the “tone at the top”. Concrete Reflections was founded by a family that believes in family values like respect, communication, and hard work. The executive team will not ask something of employees that they are not willing and able to do themselves.

Our corporate culture is based on a foundation of work ethic. Our team understands that servicing our clients means making sure that advice is sound and schedules are maintained. We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency which allows us to deliver exceptional results when you need them.