Our Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete polishing is an excellent alternative to conventional flooring products and coatings. From a design perspective, concrete provides a limitless canvas on which dyes and stains can be used to create the foundation for any space. From a durability and maintenance perspective, the process of polishing and densification brings out the hardness of stone combined with the benefits of cleaning a smooth surface. The installation costs of polished concrete is approximately half to one-third of the cost of traditional coatings and improves the overall quality of the floor. Contact us to explore how polished concrete can support you.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Dust proofing and reduces adhesion of dirt and eliminates concrete dust
  • Increased flooring flatness
  • Water repellency due to reduced pore size
  • Marble-like shine (see Concrete Finishes)
  • Increased durability and floor hardness as a result of the densification process
  • Increased reflectivity of light
  • Reduced maintenance costs such as repairs and re-application costs
  • Cost savings on cleaning requirements
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are required for cleaning
  • LEED friendly (existing flooring, increased lighting, lower carbon footprint)

Cost Savings

Traditional flooring costs include: subfloor, finished flooring, installation and maintenance. Polished concrete eliminates the cost of purchasing flooring product as well as significantly reducing cleaning and repair costs. In short, your concrete floor will cost less and last longer.

Low Maintenance

Compared to many traditional flooring products, like tile and wood, polished concrete has fewer pores to absorb dirt; this results in an easier clean. In addition, the densification process hardens the surface so it will not wear and damage as easily as traditional flooring products

A Brighter Alternative

Polished concrete has high reflectivity of light, so your floor doesn’t absorb your electricity bill. Increased light is an important ingredient in creating a safe, clean, and professional work environment.

More Resistant

The polishing and densification process results in a surface so durable that our machines use diamonds (hardest known natural substance on both Vickers and Mohs hardness scale) to create a floor that will resist foot and machinery traffic longer than traditional flooring options

Design Friendly

When installed correctly, polished concrete can perfectly compliment interior design elements. Dyes, stains, acids, and other treatment options can be used to add everything from a touch of warmth to a dose of modern reality

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