Our Concrete Surface Preparation Services

The concrete surface preparation process depends on the current status of the flooring surface. For example, flooring removal is not rocket science, but flooring removal in preparation for a new flooring system requires a bit more finesse. In our experience, there are some companies that do demo, and others that do demo correctly. Making sure that edges and transition areas are cleaned, nails and protruding metal is removed properly, the floor has been leveled or flattened properly, and many other details can save time and money on subsequent steps of the flooring installation process.

Benefits of Concrete Surface Preparation

  • Proper preparation for coating and re-surfacing (increases adhesion)
  • Environmentally friendly as existing floors can be resurfaced
  • Excellent profile for bonding new toppings
  • Rapid removal of concrete material
  • Cost and time savings when compared to demolition, disposal, and new concrete pour
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced carbon footprint compared to new concrete
  • Level and flat concrete floor to be polished or act as a base for alternative flooring products
  • Stabilization of concrete slabs
  • Increased safety for warehouse shelving and machinery traffic
  • Reduced repair costs for finished construction
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • Removal of defective or old flooring that could not act as subfloor to new flooring
  • Minimization of transition strips between different flooring products
  • Ease of installation for new flooring products

Cost Savings

Traditional flooring costs include: subfloor, finished flooring, installation and maintenance. Polished concrete eliminates the cost of purchasing flooring product as well as significantly reducing cleaning and repair costs. In short, your concrete floor will cost less and last longer.

Low Maintenance

Compared to many traditional flooring products, like tile and wood, polished concrete has fewer pores to absorb dirt; this results in an easier clean. In addition, the densification process hardens the surface so it will not wear and damage as easily as traditional flooring products

A Brighter Alternative

Polished concrete has high reflectivity of light, so your floor doesn’t absorb your electricity bill. Increased light is an important ingredient in creating a safe, clean, and professional work environment.

More Resistant

The polishing and densification process results in a surface so durable that our machines use diamonds (hardest known natural substance on both Vickers and Mohs hardness scale) to create a floor that will resist foot and machinery traffic longer than traditional flooring options

Design Friendly

When installed correctly, polished concrete can perfectly compliment interior design elements. Dyes, stains, acids, and other treatment options can be used to add everything from a touch of warmth to a dose of modern reality

We understand construction deadlines and pride ourselves on being the best in the industry for delivering results on, or ahead of schedule