Concrete repair is a broad term but generally includes the repair of cracking, spalling, chipping, and broken concrete. Depending on the type of repair, epoxy, concrete mix, spall-crete, and many other products may be used to best restore the aesthetics and/or the functionality of the surface being repaired.


Applications of concrete repair include:

  • Patching of holes and areas where large concrete has been removed
  • Filling of cracks and small gaps in concrete
  • Re-surfacing of spalling and chipped concrete
  • Adding control joints to minimize unwanted cracking
  • Slab lifting to raise concrete after sinking and ground movement


Benefits of concrete repair include:

  • Cost and time savings when compared to demolition, disposal, and new concrete pour
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced carbon footprint compared to new concrete
  • Minimal intrusion to operations

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