MANY Benefits of Surface Preparation



Our Concrete Surface Preparation

The concrete surface preparation process depends on the current status of the flooring surface. For example, flooring removal is not rocket science, but flooring removal in preparation for a new flooring system requires a bit more finesse. 

In our experience, there are some companies that do demo, and others that do demo correctly. Making sure that edges and transition areas are cleaned, nails and protruding metal is removed properly, the floor has been leveled or flattened properly, and many other details can save time and money on subsequent steps of the flooring installation process.

Countless Benefits

Cost Savings

Traditional flooring costs include: subfloor, finished flooring, installation and maintenance. Polished concrete eliminates the cost of purchasing flooring product as well as significantly reducing cleaning and repair costs. In short, your concrete floor will cost less and last longer.

A Brighter Alternative

Polished concrete has high reflectivity of light, so your floor doesn’t absorb your electricity bill. Increased light is an important ingredient in creating a safe, clean, and professional work environment.

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